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Hobbit Het

A community for lovers of hobbit het

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This community is exactly what it sounds like - a place for you to post your hobbit het fics and/or recommend your favorites to others. There are no restrictions. You may post any hobbit het story of any rating, but since this is a group with an unrestricted membership, please be sure to put fics that are over PG behind a cut and label links with their appropriate rating. Other than that, as long as your story's main character is a hobbit and it is a het-centered fic, post away!

We are not anti-slash, and will not tolerate ill will towards that community, however, since there are already many sites in which slash is welcome and abundant, the stories and recommendations posted to this community will be restricted to those with het content only.

Members may also carry on discussions on this community. I will be a mostly absentee-moderator, so you will all need to be grown-ups and keep your discussions civil and flame-free.

That's pretty much it for rules. Enjoy!